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In my years of traveling throughout the home ranges of the wild horses of Alberta, I have documented and studied them.  I have taken countless photographs of the wild horses and the other wild creatures that share their habitat. 

The wild horses represent an unbridled spirit of freedom and are living symbols of our proud heritage.  One only has to spend a short time with them to have them touch you in the way that they have many others. 

I spend my time now fighting for them and trying to protect them.  I hope in someways that my pictures show my love and respect for the wild horses.  In doing so then, maybe others will recognize their uniqueness and the magnificent beauty of the wild horses of Alberta.       


Maximus - one of the dominant stallions in Wild Horse Country
Maximus - one of the dominant stallions in Wild Horse Country

Bob Henderson
4405 Shannon Drive, Olds, AB., T4H1C1


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