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My Vision 

                       By Robert Henderson                     


Atrocities are still occuring against the wild horses, which occupy a large part of my heart and soul.  Sometimes I feel like I cannot anything more for them and I want to give up.  I was having this thought one day when I was out around Parker's Ridge west of Sundre, Alberta.  I was discouraged by only seeing a few wild horses that day and sat on hillside in despair of what is happening to the wild horses of Alberta.                                                                                                                                                                                                                           I then had what the First Nation's people call, a vision.  I am part native and am of the Huron tribe of Ontario.  My spirituality is grounded in native beliefs and the love they have for all of mother earth and its creatures.  In my vision as I sat there, I was crying for the plight of the wild horses.

                       Grandmother Raven then flew to me and asked why I was so sad and crying.  I explained to ther why and she told me that I was not to cry.  She then told me to come with her and I perched myself on her back and we took flight.  In the flight she took me to the wild horses and they acknowledged me also.  I was one with them and was to be their voice when no one else could.  Mother Raven then took me back and told me not to despair and she said, "So you see my child, the reason you are here is because of the love you have for the Creator's creatures.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          I then understood that no matter what happened, I would not give up fighting for then and trying to protect them.  I hope in some ways that my pictures show my love and respect for the wild horses.  In doing so then, maybe others too will recognize their uniqueness and the magnificent beauty of the wild horses of Alberta.  








Bob Henderson
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